Terms of StudySquare




  1. StudySquare (website on the domain https://StudySquare.co.uk or https://TutorJ.co.uk) provides services to its Users: Resources and Bookings.

  2. Users are persons that have a StudySquare account.

  3. Students are Users that may subscribe to Resources and may book Lessons from Tutors by using Bookings.

  4. Tutors are Users that may subscribe to Resources, Personal page or/and pay for selected Students’ Resources

  5. Lessons are an online one-to-one tuition lessons between a Tutor and a Student booked by either Tutors or Students on the Bookings.

  6. Questions are theory and questions available online on StudySquare and included in Resources subscription that may be divided into subjects, topics or/and as a list of items. 

  7. Resources is a weekly subscription available to Users that includes access to Questions.

  8. Bookings is a technical platform that allows Students to book Lessons from Tutors or for Tutors to book Lessons on behalf of Students. StudySquare provides Bookings only as a technical platform and takes no responsibility for the information Users publish on Bookings or services Tutors provide to Students.

  9. Personal page is a weekly subscription available to Tutors that includes an opportunity to have a personal Tutor’s page and use Bookings.

  10. Users’ subscriptions can be seen on StudySquare after logging in to their account and can be cancelled by sending a text message that is displayed near a particular subscription. Users can manage subscriptions separately. Once a subscription is terminated, the Users have no right to use services included in a particular subscription and any information stored on StudySquare related to the cancelled subscription may be deleted at any time. 

  11. The price of StudySquare subscription is agreed at the time of subscribing to it and may be changed at any point by StudySquare. In an event of change in pricing, a User that pays for a subscription would be informed by email at least 7 days prior to the change so that they would be able to unsubscribe before the change in price.

  12. StudySquare is not responsible for technical issues experienced by Users either because of problems on Users’ side (device, internet connection, software) or due to issues arising from the website hosting provider for StudySquare. However, StudySquare will do their best to ensure that the code on the website is working properly.

  13. Users must ensure that their login details and access to the website by using their account are not given to a third party. Users must not use or allow other parties to use StudySquare for a malicious and/or fraud activity. 

  14. Any User or subscription may be terminated by StudySquare if there is any information which indicates that a User might not follow the Terms of StudySquare. 

  15. Terms of StudySquare can be updated by StudySquare at any time without any notice and would take effect immediately. If a User continues using StudySquare services 7 days after the release of new Terms of service, they are bound to them. After the new Terms of service are published on StudySquare, only the new version is valid. Users are responsible for keeping a copy of older versions of Terms of StudySquare, if they wish to refer to them later. 

  16. Any claim arising from Terms of StudySquare is governed by the Scots law and any such claim will be decided only by the courts of Scotland.




  1. Questions can only be accessed by Users if they have subscribed to Resources.

  2. A User that has subscribed to Resources (the Main User) may pay for Resources on behalf of another User (Associated User). For example, a Tutor may pay for Resources on behalf of their Student. If, the the Main User unsubscribes from Resources, the price of Resources that they pay on behalf of Associated Users is immediately changed to the one advertised on StudySquare and the Main User is still responsible for paying for Resources Associated Users. The Main User can unsubscribe from Resources on behalf of the Associated Users as if it was their subscription.

  3. Questions are constantly monitored in order to fix mistakes by using reports from Users. If a User notices a mistake in Questions, they should click on “Report question” button that may be available while viewing Questions.

  4. Questions are provided on as is basis and are advised to be used only as a supplementary material while studying, teaching or tutoring. StudySquare takes no responsibility in the event of Questions being inaccurate, wrong or causing damage to User’s assessment results, education, financial, commercial or/and other issues.

  5. Users may use Questions for their personal use, Tutors may use Questions while tutoring, that is for commercial use. Users are not allowed to copy, save offline or online, distribute, modify, resell or use Questions in any other way.

  6. Questions may be improved and their quantity may be increased over time. Users are encouraged to give suggestions to StudySquare on what topics should be included or modified next. 

  7. Every time a User checks the answer while viewing Questions, information about the completion of an item in Questions is recorded by StudySquare so that a User could revise previously completed questions on relevant StudySquare pages.


Personal page


  1. Tutors can subscribe to Personal page in order to create their personal tutor’s page and advertise their lessons to Students.

  2. Lessons that are conducted by Tutors can be booked on Bookings by Students or by the Tutors on behalf of their Students.

  3. Lessons can be cancelled by StudySquare under any circumstances and at any time. Users can cancel their lessons at any point by using Bookings, unless agreed otherwise between a Tutor and a Student. 

  4. Personal page subscription includes a fixed weekly fee for having a personal Tutor’s page and a charge for every Lesson booked on personal Tutor’s page. Every week he fixed weekly fee is added to the number of Lessons booked times the charge for a booked lesson and a Tutor is charged this amount. Even if some Lessons are cancelled, the charge for booking lesson is not refunded.

  5. StudySquare may send email and text message notifications to both Tutors and Students prior to their Lessons or in the even they are cancelled. However, Users may not include contact information while using StudySquare if they want to avoid these notifications. 

  6. Bookings are provided as is and StudySquare is not responsible for any damage caused by notifications about Lessons, incorrect, overlapping Lessons. However, StudySquare will constantly enhance existing Bookings. 




  1. Once a User chooses to subscribe to a service provided by StudySquare, they are sent an invoice to pay for their first week of using a service. Upcoming payments are automatic, based on upcoming subscriptions and their usage. 

  2. Users authorise StudySquare to ask Stripe Payments Europe Ltd. to charge their credit/debit card a price of services used.

  3. In case of a payment for StudySquare services failing after Stripe is asked by Jonas to charge a User, a User authorises StudySquare to ask Stripe to try charging for the services at any time later.

  4. If it is not possible to make the payment even 7 days after it was due, StudySquare may cancel relevant subscriptions. 

  5. Users accept that StudySquare can pass bad debts to third party debt collection services, and acknowledge that their credit rating may be affected.