For students

Our aim is to provide a modern and effective learning environment for students, to use either individually or during online lessons with their tutors.


Days of lengthy textbooks are gone. We all want the learning process to be quick, efficient and to deliver results. This is why StudySquare resources focus on practising solving exam type questions rather than on endless theory.


Resources provide summary of theory in Maths, Physics and Chemistry with plenty of questions. 

Revision pages create shuffled sets of completed questions that can greatly enhance skills acquired in previous topics. 

For tutors

We strive to empower tutors by providing modern tutoring resources that suit online lessons, advice on setting up personal online classroom, professional booking platform, invoicing and payments system.


We believe in independent tutors that can decide the best methods to operate their business. Therefore, on StudySquare we provide competitive and affordable tutoring material and free advice on many tutoring topics so that tutors would have more time for actual tutoring and would earn more.


At the end of the day, we should only expect great lessons from tutors that are well rested, satisfied and adequately paid.