Why is Optimised Screen Sharing Necessary for Tutoring?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Imagine that you are delivering a trial lesson to an important student. You really want to shine and show that you are a professional and helpful tutor. A few minutes into the lesson you realise that either you or the student has a poor internet connection and there’s no time to postpone the lesson as you have another one with your regular student right after. What do you do?

I really don‘t want you to be in this situation ever as I have myself experienced poor connection on both ends multiple times and it is very annoying. In many such cases I was fortunate enough to use Optimised Screen Sharing that has reduced my frustration and ensured that my lessons could continue via phone with minimum interruption. Let me explain how to use this technology.

Optimised screen sharing
Start screen sharing by clicking on “Collaborate” button

It all starts from clicking on the “Collaborate” button that opens a box that allows you to either join a screen sharing session as a student or start as a tutor.

Tutor starts sharing screen
Tutors can start a session by using the second option in the box.

Tutors can start sharing screen by choosing the second option in the box, suitable duration and clicking on the corresponding Share button. A unique code and a link will be provided that can later be used by student to share the questions that they view.

Students start to share screen
Students can access a session by entering a code provided by their tutor.

The student can start a screen sharing session by entering the code that was provided to the tutor or by going to the link that their tutor has received when creating a session.

Starting to share questions
To start sharing the questions they view, a student has to click on the blue button.

Once a student is on the Optimised Screen Sharing page, they need to click on the only blue button on the page and the screen sharing session will be started.

Magnetic field question
A student is viewing a question about magnetic field.

Students can choose from thousands of questions available on StudySquare Tests, Revision and Resources pages and once they click on them and view in so called Full Screen mode, their tutor will be able to see the question, its answer on

Tutor viewing the same question as student
The tutor can view the same question as their student on

Not only the tutor is able to see the same question and its answer on their side in real time without the need of proper screen sharing, they are also able to mark student’s performance. The website automatically recognises if the student is revising completed questions or covering new topics and generates a coherent lesson report that can be sent to parents.

Lesson reports
My Lessons page displays lesson reports for the previous lessons.

On My Lessons page both students and their tutors can find lesson reports that can be a useful reference material in the future. No need to spend time recalling the performance and covered topics during the session. As we say, you can use this time to go for a walk instead 😀.

So we have just gone through the details of Optimised Screen Sharing, but what are the main reasons of using it? Here are just a few:

  1. You don‘t have to share your actual screen, thus there is a much lower chance of the other person seeing your sensitive personal information.

  2. No need for browser compatibility, plugins, apps, installation or preparation. It just works.

  3. You don‘t share the video of your screen, this can save your mobile data/broadband → more of it is left for quality audio → this enhances the experience for both the tutor and the student.

  4. Both the student and the tutor see the same high image quality diagrams and text.

  5. It beautifully fills your screen with no ugly bezels on the sides!

Here is a possible disadvantage:

You may need to draw something on a whiteboard, in which case you can use the online classroom of your choice. In my personal experience, 95% of the time the Optimised Screen Sharing experience is enough for a good quality online lesson.

I hope you enjoy using StudySquare Optimised Screen Sharing, which, by the way, doesn’t cost you anything. To get a more detailed guidance on how to get new students and deliver great lessons, get out free Tutors’ Guide PDF to become the best tutor you can be 😀 →

Jonas Virsilas, MChemPhys (Hons) is an online Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor and the founder of StudySquare. Jonas is passionate about making education more accessible and empowering people by providing useful knowledge.


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