• Jonas Virsilas

The biggest change in StudySquare since StudySquare

Updated: Feb 26

On Monday, May 18th, 2020 introduced Optimised Screen Sharing and a completely new redesigned structure accessible to all users, featuring 4000+ questions. Here is a short explanation of what has changed and how it works.

The new StudySquare Tests page provides hundreds of topics in 9 levels and 3 subjects.

Starting with a redesigned structure of resources, a new Tests page provides you direct access to all 9 levels and 3 subjects (27 folders in total). No need to double check if a topic is in a particular specification, we will do it for you. And we will keep continuously updating our questions to adjust according to the main exam boards in the UK.

The new Test pages for each subject, topic and level feature more details than ever.

With the new Test page come hundreds of topic pages and (finally !) long pages full of theory, questions and answers. These test pages combine the classic experience of solving questions on StudySquare, at the same time allowing to view more problems in one page than ever before.

The new tutor’s dashboard allows screen sharing, recording student’s performance and automatic lesson reports.

And finally, the revolutionary Optimised Screen Sharing that literally allows you to deliver high quality online tutoring by using your phone (or FaceTime 😀). Just click on Share Screen button that is available on every page and you will be guided on how to start the screen sharing session without actually sharing your screen. Spoiler alert: it works super fast, occupies the student, automatically generates lesson reports, detects completed questions and this is just the beginning.

There is no better time to take advantage of free tools that can massively improve your productivity.

It is truly time for you to ditch all your preparation for lessons and go for a walk instead. I have been able to use an early beta version of StudySquare in the past 5 months and during that time my customer retention has risen from approximately 35% to 65%, quality and efficiency of the lessons has skyrocketed, while tutoring became like a meditation session rather than work.

Sounds too good to be true? Try using StudySquare for a few weeks and you will feel the difference. Otherwise, please email or call me directly since we love constructive and honest feedback (buttons to contact details can be found in the footer of this page).

I hope the virus thing will inspire you to improve your productivity and become your better self.

Stay safe,



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