• Jonas

Cancellation of exams - A tragedy for many families

Now it’s very likely that the GCSE and A-level results this year will be determined by using coursework grades or teachers’ predictions that may be very different from what a student would have got in their exams. I am speaking from from my experience as a tutor. We usually prepare pupils for exams during our lessons, that is, we neglect what is going on currently at school and focus on the final result and knowledge of the subject.

There is also another known issue in Britain’s secondary #Education. As described in “Natives” by Akala, there are dozens of studies showing that teachers usually predict lower grades than they actually get in their exams for students from various cultural backgrounds. So there is going to be even more inequality because of these predicted grades.

Don’t think that I am so naive, there are, of course, going to be students that will benefit from this system since they might have done better in their coursework than in their exams. Let’s call it luck.

And I am not even talking about all these tutors (in part me as well) and #tutoring agencies that have lost students because at least form my experience 70%-80% of students book lessons because they want to succeed in their #EXAMS.