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 Hi there! I am an experienced online Maths, Physics, Chemistry tutor, studying Chemical Physics for a Master's degree at the University of Edinburgh. Besides the fact that I have got 100% in Maths, Physics and 98% in Chemistry exams, I have also received many awards in scientific competitions as well as a Silver medal in the International Science Olympiad. With more than 1200 hours experience in Primary, Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level and enhanced DBS, PVG checks, I can provide modern, professional and flexible online tutoring.


In my experience, online tutoring is as effective as in person, with the added flexibility that your busy schedule demands. I offer personalised lessons and more than just tutoring. I access student’s needs, accordingly customise study resources, instruct the student and give homework, provide feedback to parents after each lesson.


Why don't we have a trial online lesson and we would see how it goes? Most of my students, who agree to try it, continue having online lessons and you can find their reviews on the main page. My rate is Β£28/hr or Β£10/20min, I offer unlimited revision resources in Maths, Physics and Chemistry for Β£5/week. Thus, if you are interested in my tuition, do not hesitate to contact me and we will arrange a lesson at a time that is the most suitable for you.


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Here is some extra information about me as a tutor:


When did you start tutoring?

I have started tutoring one of my classmates Chemistry while I was still in secondary school. It was a rewarding experience and it is quite interesting to go back to these times and compare how much has changed over the years in my lessons.


Why do you tutor?

I was always passionate in explaining Maths and Science to my peers back in school but I could have never imagined that it would become such a core part of my life. Tutoring is not only financially beneficial to me, but it also makes me feel valuable in society, it allows helping so many amazing students around the UK to proceed in their future studies and careers. And it was never just theory and exams that we cover during our lessons, my tutoring sessions inevitably involve critical thinking and applying your knowledge in real life, thus I can contribute to students even more.


What is your biggest tutoring success story?

Creating my own professional database of exam-type questions proved to be a success in my tutoring career since it allowed to spend more time and energy on creating quality resources for students and reuse them during different lessons. It was hard to see the value of the questions initially, but I have noticed that students started appreciating them so much that they no longer want to use a textbook during our lessons and I can focus more on their solutions rather than creating questions on the spot.


What is your biggest tutoring failure?

I could not distinguish a particular biggest failure while tutoring but there have been several cases when I was able to access my tutoring, communication, preparation and enhance them accordingly. Such cases are responsible for the current structure of my lessons, communication with students and their parents, software and hardware that I use for tutoring and messaging. It really seems that every new challenge creates an opportunity for my services to be improved.


What are the students you love and hate to teach?

To be honest, I have not had any students that I hated, they all are just different. With some pupils we have to thoroughly go through every concept in a topic and revise them later to build the knowledge up. However, that is not always the case with students who are already successful and aim for excellence. They usually solve provided questions very quickly, then I am just left with checking answers and correcting silly mistakes. Therefore, I love tutoring every student, regardless of their skills and knowledge.


Who are you as a person?

I love reading books, I try to live a healthy life and be a responsible consumer. For 10 years I was a professional performer of dancesport, I was a swimmer with fins, a solo singer and participant in various science olympiads. I like reading articles, listening to talks and podcasts about how science and technology can be applied in both our lives and solving environmental problems.


What's your teaching style?

Students might decide by themselves how they want to learn during tutoring sessions, but otherwise, I always personalise my lessons according to their level and aims. There is always an option to go through a past paper or questions that a student did not understand at school or we can cover some topics fully by using a textbook. However, if they just want to revise a broader part of a subject or to cover something that they have missed at school, we can do questions from my website.


What’s your favourite place to teach?



Any favourite books?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Natives


Favourite topics to teach?



What is your goal when teaching a student?

I aim to provide theoretical knowledge, skills and critical thinking to my students.